Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My mom finds out

   When i grew up it was just me and my mom and you can say she rased me very feminaly. I had no friends in middle school so i would go home everyday do my homework and if my mom wasnt home or whenever i was home alone i would go upstairs and wear my mom's clothes. I loved it, It was my favorite thing to do. When i was 13 we moved to this huge house that was to big for just us 2 and it was in the middle of the woods. My mom went out one day aand she said she was going to sign me up for school and she would be back tonight. I imediatly went up stairs and got a pait of my mom's panites n bra. While i was doing this my mom   ricked me she never left and i forgot to check. She walked up the backstairs and i didnt hear her and as i cliped the bra on she just said i knew and started to giggle.
 All i could do was look at her i began to apoligize and told her i was sorry and never do it again but she stoped me. She told me that she knew i have been doing this for sometime and that this is why we moved. She even pointed to a hidden camera and said she had it put in so she knew for a fact i was wearing her clothes. She then said that i need some clothes of my own and that my life as a boy is over. I was so shocked she gave me a robe and did my makeup then gave me some clothes to wear out and a wig to wear. I was so embaressed and speachless the whole time m mom made me into her daaughter.

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